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Friday, February 13, 2015

Have you seen me?

The first in a series of occasional posts that we'll make when we've exhausted all options for attributing a coin that we happen to find particularly interesting. If you can attribute it (a reference, such a catalog number in Roman Provincial Coins) and your ID can be verified with published examples, then we will offer you 10% off any purchase up to $5 as a small token of our appreciation. We'll simultaneously post the mystery coins at www.facebook.com/JacksonJacobsFamilyNumismatics. We ask that you offer your suggestions there so they can be quickly verified by others.

The first is a small but hefty little desert patina we've had for perhaps 5 years and posted annually on any forum we can find with no success.

Our best guess it that this is an early 3rd to 4th century Roman Provincial/Greek Imperial coin, struck in a Holyland city-state Kingdom. We cannot be sure who is depicted. The images have a Greco-Roman appearance, such as Apollo on one side and Serapis on the other.

What do you think?

If you missed the stats, here they are again. The diameter ranges from 16-16.5mm, the thickness is about 3mm give or take, and the weight is just under 6 grams. It has lovely desert patina,

1 comment:

  1. From a poster on Facebook, a very persuasive suggestion that this is Elagabalus (less likely Severus Alexander) / Tyche, struck in Samaria (perhaps Caesarea Maritima or perhaps elsewhere in Roman Judaea or Syria under the Severan Dynasty), although yet to be verified.