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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Lose one, find one!

Lose one, find one! Constantius Gallus/Roman solder spearing a fallen horseman. Last time I posted about one that blew away in the wind.
This morning, while digging around in some old luggage, I found one of my favorite coins inside a glove, lost for over two years (not a vabluable coin, but I restored it from a virtual rock of encrusted oxidation, so I came to love it deeply)!
Fel Temp Tryptich (c) CJJ, 2011
If you can't see the detail or read Latin, that's a Roman soldier spearing a fallen barbarian (in this case a Gallic boy, though sometimes it's a Persian or Celt), and the legend reads "FEL TEMP REPARATIO," or "Happy Times Restored!" -- we collect these in particular because the irony is so amazing and revealing of Roman cultural values.
There's something deep and comsic about all this, given the one I lost last week!

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