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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Newest, Tiniest Coin: An Ionian Tetartemorion

A photo of one of our newest, and our smallest coin. The coin is an Ionian Tetartemorion, 5mm, 0.19g. Attribution: Sear GCV2: 4345. AR tetartemorion. Obv: Laureate head of Apollo faving. Rev: TE monogram.

 As you can see from the closeups, the problems of ordinary 4-megapixel cameraphones become apparent!


  1. Can anyone estimate the value of a coin like this? I have one I would like to sell.
    I can be reached at offard@gmail.com

    1. Hi Van,
      We usually determine the prices when listing coins for sale by checking prices for comparable items 2-3 sites:
      VCoins.com (current retail prices);
      acsearch.info (auction and retail prices realized in the past; good for research);
      and, occasionally, MA-Shops.com.
      Searching each, I'd say the typical price range for a decent tetartemorion is usually $50-150, depending on quality and type. This one is part of our permanent family collection, but it would probably be listed around $85 (if we were feeling generous!). Post a picture if you like (you may need to add a link). If you don't sell coins often, you'll have a hard time getting a good price on, say, ebay. But, if you join Forum Ancient Coins and hang around the discussion boards a while first, you would probably do well on the free member auctions.