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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Roman “Barbarians, Captives, and Slaves,” and Greek artistry, animals, and deities. A preview of the next gallery-essay.

(RIGHT-CLICK any picture for a zoom-in view; run the mouse over it for more details about the coins shown.)
First, Greek Silver, as promised:

Greek Silver Coins- Alexander the Great, Athenian Owl Tetradrachma, Aigina Turtle Stater, Ionia Miletos Lion Trihemiobol, Syracuse Stater Pegasus

Next, Barbarians, Captives, and Slaves on Roman Coins:

Constantius II and Constantius Gallus FEL TEMP REPARATIO, Soldier Spearing Fallen Horseman AE3 and AE2; Constans AE2 Soldier Leading Barbarian Gallic Boy from Grass Hut Toward Civilization; Licinius Follis with Jupiter and Captive, and with Two Bound Captives beneath Roman Standard; Gratian GLORIA ROMANORVM Soldier Dragging Captive; Theodosius and Valentinian, Victory Dragging Bound Captive AE4


Numerous images of Roman coins with Barbarians, Captives, and Slaves being speared, dragged, and bound by soldiers

Please visit back for the link to the gallery-essay, in more detail.
Also coming soon...timeline gallery: ca. 500 BC - 1500 AD


  1. These coins look amazing!

  2. Thanks, "Anonymous"! We're glad to know someone is out the enjoying looking at them. Drop a note again some time!

  3. are these real ancient roman coins? Because people on the internet are putting pics of fake ones

  4. Yes, they are real. It takes a long time to explain how to tell what's a really sophisticated fake (involving specific gravity, microscopes, die matching with old catalogs, etc.). I have found fake coins before. But I doubt any of these are. Certainly not the bronze ones.