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Friday, July 2, 2010

Hadrian Sestertius from the Private Family Collection.

We'll be publishing photos from our private collection from time-to-time (not sale coins). Unfortunately, our safety deposit key left the country for a couple of weeks to go to an academic conference in Amsterdam. Once back, we'll put some Greek silver up, but for now more Roman bronze. Every bit as interesting: heck, I've climbed over this emperor's famous wall (actually stepped easily over, since it's just a line of stones now, in the middle of English farm land)!

So here's another one from the private collection (you might need flash player). Run your mouse over the the image of Hadrian, or click on the "visit this author's gallery" icon (the little person) and see some more interesting views of it (especially if you can click on the image that looks like this :

1 comment:

  1. The love of coins:

    What is a Master Piece ?

    This coin was a lone piece in an Auction at Sotheby’s in the 1980’s; time has made me forget the full story of who told me about the item. I do remember visiting London specially to see it; if one can ‘love’ a coin at first site then I was bewitched by the brass Sestercius from 37-41 AD. I was to have it at any price, the ageless portrait smiled at me from the coin, she was beautiful and dignified and I had not realized that such a piece existed with such beauty.

    Draped bust r., hair falling
    The cover coin of the Female Caesars by Jacozi A coin of incredible detail & condition from the ring holding the reigns of the donkeys to a portrait that launched a "love" to acquire the coin. Very few coins of this period exist in such a natural condition.
    The rev. S P Q R / MEMORIAE / AGRIPPINAE Carpentum drawn l. by two mules; the cover supported by standing figures at the corners with ornamented side. Agrippina Senior, one of the most tragically unfortunate women of Roman history. Agrippina was destined to achieve the highest possible status that did not happen. In 29AD she deprived her of freedom, and in 33AD of life itself. This sestertii dedicated to Agrippina was produced by her son Caligula, The inscription, SPQR MEMORIAE AGRIPPINAE, is itself dedicatory from the Senate and the Roman people to the memory of Agrippina.

    An embarrassing story of total irresponsibility of a person taking a loan on his house to acquire a coin. Prior to the sale I deposited the deeds of our house to get a loan. We acquired the coin for which I had a large picture on the wall in my study for many years, she is as beautiful as the day I met her. The donkeys with such minute details.
    There are coins that I enjoy for the perfect quality and those that are a “work of art”; a few are ‘masterpieces’. I am asked what you mean by a ‘masterpiece’, ask ten people and get ten answers; everybody has his own opinion of what is a ‘masterpiece’. I am spending a lot of time considering this point. Is it were the artist has detached himself to create a piece of art that will last for time memoriam. Such items are the Mona Liza. David these are ‘masterpieces’. I suppose any item can be deemed a ‘masterpiece’. This artist created for Caesar a piece that would be treasured throughout time, a portrait of his mother, a coin that would never age in its beauty, maybe for several thousand years more and be preserved for future generations to enjoy.